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Hudson Cabinetmaking Home and Gallery

hudson cabinetmaking has been designing and constructing built-in cabinetry for over a quarter-century. We are a family owned and operated business.

our woodworking shop is located in putnam county where we build for customers in the tri-state area.

Although we're proud of our photographs, a picture is still only half as good as seeing the real thing. We now have video footage of our work. also, aside from our photos, we have hundreds of references whom you're invited to contact. we work hard to please our clients (they'll tell you as much).

To this day, we design and construct our custom cabinets:

one project at a time from beginning to the end with our own hands.


you have any questions, concerns or wish to inquire about a commission, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Whether you enjoy a highly articulated, old-world look or the appearance of clean, modern lines, the style of cabinetry or furniture should "work" within it's environment. It should "belong" to the room in which it sits. (We have lots of pictures of our work in different styles, samples of our doors and moldings, and lots of clients whose homes you can visit). We provide a hand-rendered drawing before we begin any project.
We usually adorn a unit with moldings of somewhat greater girth. A little more substance to the face frames and trim tend to make a piece stronger and richer. Further adornment is achieved by removing wood from the face (i.e. fluted stiles, carved rosettes, routed edges, etc.) When you combine both processes (adding on as well as carving away) you create a piece that is well articulated and therefore richer and older looking… more skillfully hand-crafted. Towards that same end, almost all of our cabinetry is face-framed and our door and drawer fronts are inset rather than over-lay.
We do not "staple" our cabinets together.
(This is the way brand name manufacturers often construct their products on an assembly-line).
We do not carry other manufacturers lines of cabinetry.
We do not employ others to install our work.
The primary purpose of a piece determines its shape, its size and its location in the home or office (It is important that a project be well thought-out)
The height of crown and base moldings, the width of stiles and rails, the thickness of countertops and the size of door and drawer fronts should be "in keeping" with the over-all size (and look) of the finished piece.
only the finest materials and construction techniques
We use solid hardwoods (cherry, maple, walnut, etc.) with furniture-grade plywoods of a matching veneer.
We do not use composite board nor particle board.
All side walls, ceilings, floors and shelves are of ¾ inch thickness or better. All joints are screwed and glued or biscuit joined.
We custom build all of our projects and install them ourselves (though we would be happy to simply construct the cabinets if you wish to install them yourself). There was a time when almost all furniture was made this meticulously.
We work patiently here, building one project at a time. We enjoy what we do and we believe it shows in our work.
One of the ways to make a room look substantially richer is to install moldings that are larger (wider / thicker). Two and three part, 'stacked' moldings can accomplish this even more so. We've done this work (and seen the results) innumerable times and almost invariably the client is surprised with just how much better / more 'grand' the room looks. It is especially rewarding in those places that will be seen by guests (the foyer, living room, dining room, entertainment room, kitchen). As well, the addition of details like arched passageways, corbels, wainscot and coffered ceilings accomplish this same improvement in quality (both œsthetically AND for the actual value of the home). We perform this work with the craftsmanship you'd expect of furniture makers.
we create architecural details for your home to help to bring it to life, we love making kitchens, and i think that shows, the libraries we design are more than just places to keep books, home office and computer centers where you can really spend some quality time. to obtain the list of the 10 things you should know before installing cabinetry in home or office, please provide us with your email address below. email addresses are ONLY used to send you photos/videos of new projects. addresses will NOT be used for any other purposes nor will they be made available to anyone else.

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you're looking at our gallery (this is also our home page). each image represents a different category. Clicking on any of them allows you to see other similar projects. we create custom woodworking in styles ranging from modern to 'old world' and everything in between. if you would like to contact us about doing similar work in your home, store or office, please call or email us.
-russell hudson

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