Architectural Detailing for a Foyer

A few years back, an interior designer who brings us work from time to time, asked us to further ‘decorate’ her client’s foyer. When we left the job, it wasn’t painted so I hadn’t really seen the end result. (We recently went back there to grab a few photos for ourselves).

Central to this foyer were a pair of ‘mirrored’ staircases. Though good looking in their own right, she wanted to raise the bar even further so we faced the adjacent walls in wainscot.

Every time I see one of those old movies filmed in the interior of a ‘grand estate’… I’ll sometimes see hallways with arched ceilings that have been paneled. It is a look that kills me. Absolutely great looking. Not many homes are built this way anymore.

And then an opportunity showed up (albeit, on a more humble scale AND these passageways were arched already… but we enjoyed paneling them anyway). Since it was a paint job, we simply applied frames to the walls and ceilings (which became the panels). This also makes the project more affordable.

Having a few photos of this work can help convince others to consider this kind of approach.

Russell Hudson / Hudson Cabinetmaking, Inc.