Best Farm House Kitchen Design

My client bought a beautiful, 150 year old farm house with a number of acres, a large work shed, a pond, a silo, etc. They wanted the very best farm house kitchen design she could find. Their ‘new’ place was wonderfully ancient, with post and beam construction and not a single floor in the house was flat (much less level / LOL). We ended up rebuilding their master bath, installed cabinets in their pantry and completely re-did this kitchen I’m writing about.

She had very good taste (my opinion) and liked the look of the cabinetry on our website. She sent me a few pictures of cabinetry from a vintage cabinet shop in England. They were doing authentic, century old reproduction furniture. The look was perfectly understated. We used a few of their details but more importantly, she conveyed the kind of look she was attracted to…  and we came up with this kitchen design….

These next three shots are a rough sketch of the floor plan and two renderings for the face views. You’ll notice that there are no wall cabinets…

best farmhouse kitchen design

turn this floor plan upside down to view it as the photos were taken

best farmhouse kitchen design

drawn without the island (to not block the view of the sink)

best farmhouse kitchen design

stove wall / looking to the right

Here are two close up of the doors & drawer fronts. Tall drawer fronts we made as frame and panel but shorter ones became slabs with a bead running along the top and bottom edge. We also increased the door frame widths to make them closer to a older, more authentic look.

best farmhouse kitchen design

dishwasher and pull-out trash bins sit on each side of the farm sink

best farm house kitchen design

42 inch wide passage way (work area)

Here is the island…

best farm house kitchen design

island’s back side (sink side)

best farm house kitchen design

she suggested this open ended configuration

And a left and right wide shot…. The kitchen is too large to photograph it all in a single master shot. In the first picture you’ll also notice more cabinets we built in the pantry (room in the back )

best farm house kitchen design

a good functioning workspace that remains pleasing to the eye

Best Farmhouse Kitchen Design

she recently texted me saying she loves her kitchen / that IS what a cabinetmaker loves to hear.

I really love old, vintage woodwork and so glad a client was looking for just that look.

Russell Hudson / Hudson Cabinetmaking, Inc.