Small End-table with Decorative Inlay

My youngest son (Brian) likes making intricate furniture as much, if not more than, the larger projects we do. He recently created an end table w/ a small inlay for us and we took a few pics of the various stages of production. This work is historically referred to as marquetry.

Like all design work, it starts with a drawing

then he created his bird from 1/8th inch maple

then he used the bird cut out to mark exactly the size and shape of the area to be removed on the table top

the router is used to create the inset area

he made the bird’s beak from a naturally red-colored wood called Paduak

inlay prior to finish coat

here is a detail of the drawer within the skirt

hand-rubbed oil finished with a urethane top coat

I began to think of how great one of these inlays would look as a small ‘signature’ on one of the doors or drawer fronts in a kitchen or entertainment unit. A rosette made from a contrasting wood could also make a piece richer

this is a pair of doors I made many years ago for a client using what is known as marquetry inlay banding.

It seems that the possibilities for cabinet and furniture makers are endless

Russell Hudson / Hudson Cabinetmaking, Inc.