Stair Landing Display Cabinets

Our client had a stairwell running up through the center of his house. On one of the landings, he had a wall with 22” of unused space behind it and wanted display cabinets sunk into the wall. We treated it much like a fireplace mantle as he wanted a very rich looking face and surrounding woodwork.

We were to design, build and install the unit. It had to match what mouldings existed there already.

Here’s a early construction pic in the shop / notice that the columns, left & right, sit on the sheetrock and the cabs run deeper, back within the wall. My son, Brian did the majority of the build. By the time he’s my age, he will have passed me in his grasp of this skill.


We added the top (which was to act as a shelf) and primed it.

display cabinet wall insert

Here it is installed…


Once the paint was finished, the knobs were attached & the glass inserted…. our client sent me this finish shot as he was so pleased.

stair landing cabinets

I thought it looked pretty good too…….

Russell Hudson / Hudson Cabinetmaking, inc.