Traditional, White Kitchens – Hand Made Details

Kitchens are created in as many styles as furniture has and interior design comes in. Our company has made kitchens using thick, ‘Old World’ details as well as designing them with clean, minimal ‘Modern’ lines. We’ve also finished their surfaces in almost every possible look …from natural blonde maple to painting them a dark blood red, ….but the ones we made the most have been traditional, white kitchens.

The following pictures show the installation of a richly appointed kitchen, in the traditional style.

Our client was a commercial builder and would do all construction except create and install the custom made cabinets. This was for his own home and he liked the gallery on our website so I took him to see some of our work & he awarded us the job.

begin installing kitchen cabinets

newly renovated room ready for unfinished cabs

cabinets must be aligned perfectly to come together square and true

very accurate alignment of cabinets (for appliance and counter top placement) makes the finished kitchen fit together cleanly and become a single unit.

newly installed kitchen waiting for dishwashers

I went back to take photographs but they hadn’t gotten the dishwasher in nor tiled the backsplash yet

kitchen details best seen when all painted white

paneled side walls, stepped out vertical corners and well proportioned trim make for a rich Traditional style kitchen. The shape of these details are noticed best when all the woodwork is done in one paint color

pantry, wall ovens and fridge surround

here’s the kitchen’s other wall looking left…. with 16” deep pantry shelves, wall ovens & the fridge / they were considering placement of a TV above the wall ovens when I was last there

This kitchen will be serving food for a few decades to come.

russell Hudson / hudson cabinetmaking, inc.